Celebrating what God Has Done.

Dear Cornerstone Church

Last year was a remarkable year for us as a church.  After the year of 2021 in which we took bold steps forward in our mission to reach the unchurched through various events and greater missions funding into specific areas of ministry, we felt the Lord call 2022 the year of produce.  This past year we have increased our efforts and strategies for connecting with the unchurched community and are seeing the increase result in these areas.  Believers have grown in strength, we are seeing so much growth in the numbers of people joining serve teams to reach out and reveal Jesus to every person we meet.  This past year the Holy Spirit has expanded our sphere of reach further as geographically into communities we did not reach before.

This year, the Lord has given us a word to be All In throughout our areas of ministry.  Cornerstone is a Kingdom church and we want to advance the Kingdom of God locally and globally through monthly outreaches and yearly missions.  We have committed to a neighborhood to be their church no matter the cost for many who are currently unchurched.  We also have a trip going to Peru this summer.  We are currently in the beginning stages to build a brand new facility to meet the growth needs of Living Hope Montessori School.  This year at Cornerstone we are currently expanding children ministry spaces and nearly complete with the new youth ministry facility.  This year will be another incredible year serving the Lord, winning souls, making disciples, connecting with believers and sending out God’s people everywhere.

Thank you for your enthusiastic generosity toward the work of the Lord.  It is a great privilege to partner with such passionate and devoted believers that desire to see God’s kingdom expand.  We can promise that the leadership of Cornerstone Church takes the responsibility of stewarding the finances of God’s people seriously.  The board and staff work hard to eliminate waste, prudently manage and maximize impact for the Lord.  We look forward to another incredible year of fruitful ministry.

We are better together,

Pastors Danny and Calley Reed

2022 Cornerstone Financial Information


Operating Expenses

Human Resources$36,321

Church Ministry$33,893

Administrative  $1,154


Electricity & Utilities      $20,873



Local Missions & Outreaches$25,689

Foreign Missions$28,581

Total Missions$54,270

Total for Kingdom work going forward   $2707

(1)This is an unadited statement.  For more detailed financial information, please inquire in writing to PO Box 636 Vidalia, LA  71373

(2) Local Missions consist of outreaches, benevolence needs of local families.  Local Missions also includes Cornerstones school-Living Hope Montessori School.  Foreign Missions consist of our partnerships with missionaries in various parts of the world outside of the US.