Serve On The Dream Team- Make A Difference

Greeting Team
Facilitate an environment for people to experience the love of God by welcoming them into Cornerstone with friendly and authentically gracious service.
Parking Team
This is where the party starts! From the moment guests arrive on our campus grounds we want them to feel welcome and at home and that starts with our parking team holding welcoming signs and helping guests find parking spots
Media Team
The amount of work that goes into the production of our services is huge, from sound to computers to online streaming. Our media team is the key to making sure our services go off without a hiccup.
Hospitality Team
Create a warm atmosphere that allows people to feel at home, such as providing a warm cup of coffee for them to enjoy during service.
Security Team
The safety of everyone who steps onto our campus is of utmost importance to us and our security team makes that a priority. *Background check required
Nursery Team
Providing loving care to our littlest ones at Cornerstone is a great way to serve others. *Background check required
Cornerstone Kids Team
Bring worship and scripture to life in a fun, energetic, and engaging way for our elementary aged children every Sunday and Wednesday *Background check required
One Gen Youth
Help shape our future generation of leaders with a foundation set in Biblical truths about who God says they are so they can change the world for Him. *Background check required
Worship Team
The worship team is where musical talent and passion for Jesus meet as you lead others to worship God in a distraction-free environment.