Welcome To Cornerstone!
We are very glad you are here.

Your first time to Cornerstone you will notice that we don't just attend church.  We have seen that  discover Jesus and grow in their God given calling through the relationships that are built.  This is why we do anything we can to create  a welcoming enviroment where new friendships can easily begin.

More than telling you a bunch of things, we thought it best to possibly answer some of the simple questions you may have.

  • What is it like?      It's an upbeat atmosphere with smiling people.  The preservice is as social or non social as you wish.  There is the opportunity to find a seat and wait to see what happens next or to grab a cup of coffee and allow someone to begin a conversation with you.


  • What about my kids?  Families with proceed to the check in counter to print a name tag for the child.  This is a step of security for the child and family.  We never want anything to happen, but in the event a parent needs to be contacted quickly, this make it easy to do so.  The children are with their parents for the 1st two worship songs of the service.  As the announcment team takes the stage they will say the children are free to go to children't ministry if they wish.  A children's team is waiting and will walk with them to children's ministry area where they will have engaging bible teaching on their age level.


  • Where do I park?  You can park anywhere really, but the majority of parking is on the right side of the church as you drive in.n  You will see someone in a yellow vest directing you to the best space as you drive in.


  • What do I wear?  You will notice at any given gathering people who are dressed up, to people are dressed very casual.  What to wear isn't important, we are grateful for how Jesus is changing lives far more than being concerned with a style of dress.


  • How can I get connected?   At the end of service you will have an opportunity to turn complete a guest information card.  This is the first step, we will send a letter and a text of thanks to you during the week.  There are life groups on Wednesdays which is where connection really takes off.  Every couple of months we have a 3 week class called Growth Track.  At Growth Track you will learn the why behind everything we do and what is to come during the first week.  The second week you will discover your spiritual gift through a fun discovery lab.  The third week you will know about the church, the purpose God has planted within you and you will meet leaders that will open the door for you to begin serving and growing in your spiritual giftedness as you lead people to a brand new life in Jesus.


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